K 243 Isargrun/Isar Green - Opaque

K 243 Isargrun/Isar Green - Opaque

from 12.00

Rod $44.50 per kg

Powder $12.00 per 250 grams

Chips $12.00 per 250 grams

K 243:
Chips k - 1:
Chips K - 3:
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We have almost the whole colour range in rod, powder and K-1 and K-3 chips in stock in South Australia.

Chips K- 00, K-0, K-2, K-4, K-5 are available to order

Powder is below 0.25 mm in size.

Chips K-1 are between 1,0 - 2,4 mm in size.

Chips K-3 are between 3,8 - 5 mm in size.

Delivery ex works plus freight and packing.

The prices are exclusive of GST.