Kugler Colours.

Produced in Neugablonz, Bavaria by the Friedrich family since 1985, Kugler Colours are respected world wide. All the glasses are handmade, many of the colours are based on recipes kept strictly secret and passed on over a number of generations. A move to a new factory occurred in 1995 where new environmental and quality control procedures were introduced.

From our stock in South Australia you can choose from the vast range of approximately 170 blowing colours with just a few colours needed to be ordered. We stock rod, powder, and two popular chip sizes K - 1 and K -3. Other chip sizes are available to order.

We also stock Kugler Clear cullet.

Superb clarity.

Great workability.

Nearly dust free.

Pre-melted for quick melt times.

Environmental Protection

The protecting and careful treatment of natural resources plays an outstanding role within the Kugler Colour philosophy.

They apply the latest technology for highly efficient environmental protection. All legal rules for environmental protection in Germany as well as international ecological standards are strictly obeyed and often well exceeded.

For example the water used in the manufacturing process is kept in a closed circuit and fed back to the circuit after cooling and cleaning.

Furthermore all sources of dust are permanently monitored, the dust is exhausted, collected and cleared of emissions by highly effective filter equipment.

All production waste is collected, assorted and recycled.

Specifications - Kugler Colour

Calculated coefficient of expansion

96 + 4 x 107/K

Transformation temperature:

460°C – 500°C

Annealing point:


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