How it all started

We have been purchasing colour for many years from overseas to use in our own practise. We felt that the time was right to have Kugler Colour available quickly to artists in the Southern hemisphere. We hold stock here in South Australia of rod, powder and chips. We also have the new Kugler Clear cullet in stock.


Chips K-1 that are between 1,0 - 2,4 mm in size.
Chips K-3 that are between 3,8 - 5 mm in size.
Powder is below 0.25 mm in size.

COLOURED GLASS GRITS in following sizes available to order.

K-00 - 0,25 – 0,5 MM K-0 ,5 – 1,0 MM K-2 2,4 – 3,8 MM

K-4 5,0 – 8,0 MM K-5 8,0 – 11,5 MM

Delivery ex works plus freight and packing.

The prices are exclusive of GST. 

First you have to make something
— Anonymous


To supply the Australian and New Zealand glass art community with a premium product.